Hello World!

My warmest greeting to all 🙂

Welcome to my FIRST blog post!

The idea of creating my own website and writing a blog has been swimming at the back of my mind for the longest time. I am super excited to have Blue Meets Berry finally up and running. *Happy dance*

Why I started my blog?

I wanted a platform to share the things that I’ve learned and the reflective process of my experience as I grew up. I thought a blog is a perfect way to document these thoughts. In fact, I remember making an attempt at blogging many years ago, although it was quickly forgotten and buried, never to be seen again. I know, I know, the same old story, too many ideas but not enough zest to follow them through.

Fast forward to now in March 2019, more than a decade later, I am ready to give it another try. It is a new and exciting journey for me. I took my time with this decision, making preparation and planning my way through. So hopefully this website will continue to flourish as time goes and seasons pass. But for now, baby steps!

Hello World! Welcome on board to my blog
Excited for a new beginning

What now?

So, what sort of things will I be posting about? Well, for starters I will be sharing about some recipes that I have tried and tips I found useful. I’ll also be writing about my travel experiences, postcards, my Korean drama addiction (ahem), books and basically everything that matters to me. One of the visions I have for this blog is for it to be beneficial for others too, so do stick around and stay tuned for exciting contents to come!

Oh, and feel free to leave a comment if you like. I would love to engage with you all. Just remember to always be polite and considerate towards each other and we are all good to go 🙂


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