About the Author


I’m Atiqah 🙂

Sending big smile your way
Sending big smile your way

I am so excited that you have stumbled upon this little website of mine. Welcome and do make yourself comfortable while I quickly give my introduction and get to the fun stuff.

Who am I?

A believer, traveler, dreamer, food-lover, and bookworm. I am also known for my perpetual love for all things Korean. During weekends or day-offs, you will probably catch me laying somewhere comfortable either watching Korean dramas or Running-man or getting lost in whatever world my novel has thrown me into. If you couldn’t find me there, try looking in the kitchen to see if I’m baking (or stuffing my face with) anything, or just look up to the sky. I may be exploring my way through yet another new place, a new country while looking up the same sky as you!

Well, at least all that until I have to step back into the real world again, working my way through rounds and calls to serve my patients. I am on my way to be a doctor-in-training/resident, or as we call it here in Malaysia, a houseman.

“To cure sometimes, to relieve often, to comfort always”

– Hippocrates

What is Blue Meets Berry about?

I created this website mainly as my own personal creative outlet. This will be the place where I document my thoughts, memories, important events, and well, basically anything I feel like writing about under the sun.

What is it NOT about?

I will not be giving out any professional medical advice or disclose any information relating to my work or my patients. This is a personal blog, and I wish to keep it that way.

What can YOU expect?

I have only TWO visions when I created this website:

  1. For it to be fun and enjoyable (so that I can do this for a long time hopefully)
  2. For it to be beneficial for my readers (quality contents!)

So what kind of content can you expect when you visit Blue Meets Berry?

You can think of a girl as she contemplates and figures out life, or experiments with those new recipes, or discusses in astonishing detail that drama or movie that she so loves, or books that move her. Think of a travel bug sharing her breathtaking and exhilarating adventures. Think of an earnest young doctor trying her best to heal people, and not lose her own colors in the process.

I write to enlighten myself, and if any part of my writing and sharing can be of help and inspiration to you too, even if it is just a tiny bit, then, by all means, welcome and enjoy!

A little thank you note for my readers